Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WINS from 09.21.08

I head amazing things from this past Sunday! Here are some WINS that I've heard...and I know that I don't know them all, because I wasn't even in town.
  • Greg counted 95 students, Ken counted 98 students and when you factor in a handful (approx 5) college students you're somewhere in the 90's! Awesome!
  • Paul Babcock delivered the Word and it's truth...loving people, hating sin. His video and talk was powerful. These were confirmed by students and adults (Dawn, Steve, Greg)
  • Anita Lee is using a wiki page (free website) to create more conversation with her girls beyond Sundays. She posts a question of the week and this week is was..."Mr. Babcock shared in church that God loves people and hates sin.  What practical steps can we take in our daily lives to love people and hate sin?" One of the students wrote, "We can love people and hate sin at the same time by still hanging out with everyone and being nice to them, but then when they are about to do something that we know isn't right we can correct them and help them walk away from the situation." This is a very cool tool! There are 16 girls in the group and about half of them are using this tool to further their spiritual conversations.
  • Chris hudiburgh led the band. I heard there were many energetic bodies on stage worshiping together!
  • Steve Bollier, 7th grade SGL, told me that one of the boys in his SGL accepted Christ!!!!!!! YES, that's what I like to hear!
  • Steve also took his boys on a Small Group Outing on Sunday to Lazer Tag. He said 7 boys showed up to play! I'm sure they had a great time connecting outside of the church walls, building friendships, community and trust.
  • Ryan Smith performed a drama that was powerful!
  • We had a couple of moms helping with hospitality, thus the nice bagel spread...Thank you guys!
  • There were several visitors. I heard Alicia warmly greeted them and helped them get acclamated. Great Job!
  • Saturday night there was a Catalyst hang out at the Horton's home. I checked out the pictures as soon as I could on Debbie's myspace. Looks like they had a great time together! There were a total of 30 students there! Thanks for putting that on Horton's! 
  • This morning I went to Buchanan for See You @ The Pole (which is a student-led prayer time around their own flagpole). I saw many of our Buchananeers  praying. It was very cool to see! I also got some video of students to show this Sunday (thanks to Dylan, Carrington, Kaleb, Spencer, Sarah, Matt...I can't remember everyone right now for letting get some video fo them for Sunday).


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