Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Recent SM WINS

 Here are some recent WINS we've experienced in Student Ministries:
  • Following AMPLIFY, we've seen several faces return from the event. I met several students on Sunday in Catalyst that had visited NHC for AMPLIFY and have returned for a normal Sunday. This is a huge WIN becuase that's what the event is really designed for.
  • One of Craig Vonberg's college students that came to AMPLIFY told him it was "Awesome" and she loved talked with Ken Horton. Way to go Ken!
  • During Catalyst worship on Sunday I had one student, Chris, come up to me and ask me if we needed a violin player for worship. Some of you are thinking, yeah cool. Others are thinking, violin? My kid doesn't listen to classical music. Let me tell you some of the back story. Chris started coming to Catalyst in the Spring with a friend, Jonathan. When Chris walked in the door, he had the apprearance of depression. He told Ryan, his small group leader, that he reads the Satanic Bible. Ryan warned him about the dangers of getting involved in the occult, but kept on loving him. Chris took most of the summer off but has come back since AMPLIFY. Chris is now asking significant spiritual questions. He's searching. This is a huge deal that he wants to play in the worship team, HUGE! Praise God.
  • Ryan Smith took some of his small group guys to a lady's house in desperate need of repair a couple of weekends ago. They went and worked together in her yard, house and showed her the loved of Christ. Together, this small group, are the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • Steve Bollier, 7th grade SGL, is taking his boys to Lazer Quest on Sunday (I'm jealous!). It's awesome to see our SGL's putting these outings together.
  • Chris Hudiburgh, a volunteer who works with our worship team, is heading up a thursday night practice for all the students who are playing on Sunday! Way to go Chris! He's also going to start them in a study called "Wired for Worship" by Louie Giglio when we get the books in.
  • Re:action met on Monday and the group is inspired. They want to move. They want to do something for Christ. This Monday they are meeting at the FLC and then going to the FSU student center for some hang-time and exposure to people on campus. There's something cooking here...can't wait to see what God does.
  • This past Monday I asked Re:action (college) students how God was challenging them. Some of the responses were: "to be an example around here and for my friends"..."to get serious about reading His word"..."to invest in my friends"..."to minister to others." I'm excited about what God is challenging his people to do/be.
  • Over the course of the weekend we had 81 students jr high - college actively involved on campus (not counting ones who were siting in main services).
  • I'm meeting with 4 potential volunteers today!
  • God is moving and momentum is building...can you feel it?

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