Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love the interaction...

Today I posted a quick question on twitter (it automatically updated my Facebook status) and here's the conversation that followed on my facebook.

Micah Foster Do you judge people, business, churches, and organizations by their websites? What about restaurants?
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d.j. iverson at 11:04am March 24
it definitely goes into consideration.

Meagan Burroughs Block at 11:04am March 24

Micah Foster at 11:06am March 24
'the website' is the modern day 'book cover'

Dana Pellerin at 11:07am March 24

d.j. iverson at 11:08am March 24
my only exception is for mexican restaurants.

Meagan Burroughs Block at 11:09am March 24

Micah Foster at 11:09am March 24

Michelle Heidi Rivera at 11:22am March 24
hey micha! long time no see and I may, but I personally don't judge a book by its cover anymore?

Sarah Stapleton Abbott at 11:43am March 24
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and No.

Seth Charles Naumann at 12:21pm March 24
i like fish tanks at my restaurants!! and maybe a tv playing surfing videos in the background

Micah Foster at 12:23pm March 24
What is it about restaurants that they get a free pass on the website (except in Carl Flynn's book)?

Celia Chamberlain at 12:43pm March 24 via Facebook Mobile
yes to all, except restaurants. I will read reviews and talk to people whose tastes I agree with; they can have the best page in the world, but the worst food. Taste is subjective, services offered are pretty straightforward.

Annie Hawks at 12:50pm March 24
I am not sure if this is a survey or not. The best way to judge a restaurant is read the health inspection website. http://food.sonoma-county.org/

Ryan Jones at 1:16pm March 24
A nicely designed website is always a good idea, but I think it really depends on the field or industry. For instance, I'd never hire a graphic designer, photographer, or any other creative professional who has a crappy site. Period. Churches, restaurants and other businesses SHOULD have a nice site, but I don't think it's as imperative, since it's not necessarily representative of what they do. I do think, however, that all businesses should have a well thought-out image and consistent branding. We live in a world where presentation matters, and with so many resources to help businesses maintain a look, nobody should have an excuse as to why they don't.

Sorry for the rant...

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