Friday, March 13, 2009

Rhythm Contest - An Experiment

The next series that the New Vintage Church Student Ministry (Charged & Invert) are doing is called Rhythm. What if we did a contest to see what small group did the best expression of what it means to have Rhythm? Watch the video to see what I mean. What do you think?

Today we started a new series in INVERT - we put this challenge forward:

This was made for's student ministry.

The Challenge

Create a performance of Rhythm with your small group. It's a contest and winning small group gets a prize. What's the prize you ask? We're not telling.

The Rules

1. Keep it clean - moves, words and music - clean

2. You can sing, dance, play an instrument, beatbox, drum or any other expression of Rythm

3. You can either perform it live OR you can submit it via video (.mov files please)

4. You score extra points if you get your small group leader in the performance

Does your small group have what it takes?

We'll see.

Video submissions due and Live performances on March 29th

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