Thursday, March 05, 2009

Production Team Wins // 2-28 & 3-1

This past weekend we kicked off the HOSTAGE series with a BANG! Here are some WINS from the weekend:

Who was on?
Sound: Alan
ProPresenter: Greg L.
Lights: John I. (Sat Only)
Stage Set Up: Wes, John I., Duane (Sun Only)
  • This past weekend was "set-change week" and it looked awesome!
  • Dan (the man) did a ton of the work for our Sat night location and it was AWEsome
  • Sun morning was exciting. After some conversations and adjustments the WFCA guys put our panels up and focused lighting on the shadows
  • It was great to have Duane for the first time helping us set up for Sun morning!
  • Greg, John and Alan killed it on Sat night -- and by "killed it" I mean knocked it out of the park! Cues, transitions, it was beautiful!
  • Andy VomSteeg and Dan both gave praise to how smooth it was.
  • Riley has been a huge help setting up our FOH (front of house) table with the sound board and computer
  • Despite the set-change week and all the challenges that come with that, we opened the doors just after 10am (our target on Sundays) and started the service ON TIME - WOW!
I'm grateful for every one of you! I continue to learn and be stretched in this role and hope that we can continue to build an experience and environment that removes all the distractions and enables people to focus on what's important.

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