Thursday, March 26, 2009

Production Team Wins // 3-21 & 3-22

Team - Last weekend was awesome!

Saturday night - Thanks to Jim and John
Sunday morning - Thanks to Wes, Jim, John, Don, Duane and Kelsey (oh yeah and all the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts guys too)

  • Kelsey has been running sound out there the last two weeks. It's great to have someone who knows the venue inside and out. But the big win here, get this...he is an announcer for the Oakland Warriors. He's often late to his Oakland gigs because he's driving from our services. The guys there have started calling him "Church Boy" - I wouldn't usually describe it a win to be called "Church Boy" but he seems to be embracing it. He told me his mom loves his new nickname and that he was raised baptist. I'm glad he gets to be involved at a local church - even while on the job!
  • Sunday morning looked awesome. Lots of haze, lots of really great lights and it rocked!
  • The Sunday set up team was done early and the band was done rehearsing at 9:54am! That's a record! That's perfect! Let's do that every Sunday.
  • We have successfully piped sound into the foyer outside the main auditorium - that's been really great for people with babies during the service and a little lively music before service starts.
  • People seemed to really grab what Rob Bell communicated on the video.
  • I heard lots of people saying they loved having music at the end of the service. In fact, so much that we're going to close this weekend's services with a song, "My Hope."
  • What WINS are you experiencing? - It doesn't have to be about Production or even New Vintage Church.
FYI: You can check out the sermon podcasts here.

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