Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Production Team WINS // 3-14 & 3-15

The Team:

Saturday - Don, John, Jim
Sunday - Don, Sy, John, Jim, Duane, Wes and Kelsey

WINS From This Past Weekend:
  • First off let me say that I am continually impressed with the level of committement from you guys. Seriously, just look at the last picture on this post. Amazing. It looks great!
  • John did an incredible job on Saturday night with ProPresenter. He's watched someone do it once and he had his first hands-on training on Saturday night. Great job!
  • Jim handled our sound board without Alan there! Always a great thing when we can take care of business while our pros are on tour.
  • Kelsey from the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is doing our Sunday morning sound while Alan is gone. It's great to have someone who can troubleshoot the system when something isn't working right.
  • I noticed that the worship was really started to tug on people's hearts this weekend. When Amy pulled back a bit on "Surrender" I really felt people starting to let their passion out.
  • We had a woman by the name of Sandi become a member of NVC on Sat night and she dedicated her son Devon. It was great to see someone committing to be here, participate, give, and serve.
  • On Sunday mornings we now have two moving lights on stage, our stage left hands control them. They really looked great next to the hazers. You can see a little of what they do in the last picture on this post. they are the circular lights shining on the ceiling.
  • Loved Andy's bottom line: Freedom is found under God's ultimate authority. Also, God is into freedom!
  • Sign ups for MarriedLife Live, SingleLife Live and the 20-Something's Night Out were really great this past weekend. Hope you can all attend one of those this week.
  • StudentLink in the foyer was great on Sunday morning. I personally talked to 3 different families who have teens and invited them to Charged and Invert. Grant spoke with a couple of families and I saw some other leaders mingling as well. That's a repeat event to help us bridge the gap between main service and student ministries.
  • What are some WINS you are experiencing?
Don Fluitt joined twitter! Love adding to the NVC twitter list. Here are some other NVCer's on Twitter.
In other social media news: Andy VomSteeg has started a blog and he wrote a post listing some WINS from his perspective. Check it out!

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Wes said...

HEY TEAM, Wes here this is my first time here with your blog, way to go Micha Like I said to him this weekend...still waters run deep. I wasn't sure how you would do with all this, because you were so quiet in the beginning, but I can see you were just taking it all in. Anyway! this is a great way to communicate during the week, thanks.

I would also like say Great job to Andy, there were some good analogies this week and the fence really helped see how God protects us from the demons that lye in waiting, even if it's just our the daily fears that we're all going through right now it helps to know that we're not alone. Thanks Andy you always do a great job.

Also thanks to Kelsey for stepping in on the sound board he did a great job... by the way he is a sound engineer in the real world.

Also thanks to everyone who helped setting up the stage it really helps make things go smoother, so thank you Don and Dwayne and John for your help, you guys rock!!! ..

The lights looked great with the hazers and the band was awesome as usual. Will does an amazing job of mixing things up with new songs each week, it takes real talent on the bands part to do what they do every week, it can only be done by professionals and I know that Will and the band have been really busy It's not easy keeping the schedule that Will and the band keep. Way to go Will.. and great job guys and girls, you rock

They always bring it big time and I know they are really enjoying playing in the big house. They get to call WFC home when groups come from all over the world to visit.. you've got to love that.

Also thanks to Seth he did a great job, he said he loved the venue, that we are lucky to be there and he wants to back again.

Keep up the good work everybody.

Remember...We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who strengthens Us. When the going gets tough the tough get going.

See you next week. Wes

Micah Foster said...

Hey Wes, Thanks for stopping by and spreadin' some encouragement and positivity. Love the comments!