Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Production Team Wins // 3-7 & 3-8

Great job team! Alan, Jim, Don, Jerome, Wes, Riley, and Duane!

Another weekend under our belts! Here are some WINS from this past weekend:
  • Jim Matthews was able to shadow Alan and learn some basics of our digital sound board on Sat and Sun! That's huge becuase Alan is going on a European tour for the next few weeks!
  • Don Fluitt killed it on the lights Sat night. Take a look of the picture from Sat night and you'll see what I'm talkin' about!
  • Alan pumped up the bass and kick drum this weekend and we felt it. It was awesome to have concert-quality sound. I felt it in my chest!
  • The song ONE SHOT by OAR was our offering song and it connected with some younger faces. Great to have that flavor in our service. I noticed a guy recording the song on his iPhone and singing along. I asked him to send me a copy and it sounds a'right for an iPhone recording. Thanks Nick Clay!
  • Don Fluitt introduced me to an iPhone application that you can take notes with in the form of a 'mind map' and he sent me a copy of it. I'll put it at the end of my post...really intersting way to categorize information.
  • I just heard that over the past couple of weeks the Host Team has handed out around 50 Newcover Boxes. That's incredible. That means that we're attracting a lot of people from the community and that makes our job even more important. When we get it right, when we can help people focus on what's important during the service, removing all the distractions and creating a professional environment - we WIN big! You are the reason it's working.
  • Jerome did a great job on making sure our videos, words, backgrounds and everything visual on the screeen, on time! Fantastic job.
  • Sunday we added an element to the stage - two moving lights operated by a small light board - Don ran that from the Stage Right position behind the curtains. We haven't perfected the placement, but it added some cool effects during the service.
  • Duane was thrown into the fire and given the HAZER controls on Sunday morning. Thank you for your willingness to jump in and take control. Wes guided how much haze and when. Overall -- great job guys! We love to manufacture the pressence of God in our "smoke" - just kidding guys. Actually the purpose of the haze is to make the lights pop - it brings 'em out.
  • Sunday morning was a little crazy - but with some prayer (Don and Amy) and troubleshooting everything went great. 
  • We also had a really funny looking set from the group that was performing after us at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. And by funny, I mean ugly. Haha. But, the great thing is that the WFCA guys we normally work with hated it. They were upset that we, "their best clients" had to deal with such a terrible inconvienance. That's huge guys! We're making an impression on these guys. Keep up the great work.

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d.j. iverson said...

what's the name of the app?

Micah Foster said...

it's called iBlueSky